Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 17th Letter

hey mom
everything here is going good. we had the baptism last week which went well. my
companion is a retard and didnt tell me i had to say something at the baptism so i
had to wing something. i sending photos por internet to melissa so ask about them. im
getting my other mom to do it because i dont have time. everything else is good.
changes are tommorrow so i dont know. ill find out tonight. i dont know if i can take
another six weeks. but oh well. ill do whatever. the work is hard. alot of mean
people here. its not what i expected but i still like it. food is great. ive lost a
lot of weight but i can see myself gaining it back. but anyways. we dont have know
other bap. planned. so i dont know what to do. people dont keep their promises. but
keep me updated with mamaw that is so awesome. lol. and aunt gretta...that situatioin
dont suprise me. but anways i have to go. be good. love ya
elder gentry.........your last one

hey melissa

everything here is going good. its so hott. i cant believe you guys are wearing long sleeves. i would die. but anyways we had a baptism this week and it went well. changes are tommorrow so i dont know what is going to happen. i hope i do. i dont like my companion. he hasnt helped me anyway. but anyways i have no crazy stories this week or none that i remember. and carmen is sending like 40 pics so be waiting. she is goign to send lke 5 at a time so its not so big. but anyways the works is going. sounds like you guys are really busy. let me know how volleyball is going and if i need to give you any tips. lol. and i cant belive peyton is six. that is so crazy. i dont know what to think. when i get back he will be 7 almost eight. wow. well sis i have to go. i hope all is well. love ya lots

elder gentry

Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 12th Letter-YIKES!

hey melissa.

yeah i am going to send more pics today. through carmen so look for her name. this week we have a baptism so thats awesome and nothing much has really happened. the only other news which is kind of scary is one of carmen(the one that sends photos) her aunt got murdered this weekend. its so bad here. the police does noting. but anways changes are this weekend so im excited. and tell peyton i said happy birthday. im still in my same area. with nothing much going on. but anyways. i have to go. sounds like you are busy. good luck with volleyball. i will be thinking about ya. love ya

elder gentry

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3rd Letter

hey sis

hey my friend aqui sent you pictures of me. did you get them. i think it could have went to your junk mail. her name is carmen bocanegro. so look through it and we will send them agian today. because i dont have time. but anways things are shaping up. things are still hard i just wish i talked there lang then it would be fine. but i am going have patience and stop worrying.stressing myself out. but this week nothing has happened. we had alot of rain so how house got flooded. they dont build nothing right here. im going to send pics of it. its pretty awesome it made my week. lol but anywyas we have a baptsim this week which is exciting. but nothing else. the food is great and the people are kind of mean but other than that everthing is ok. im still working and trying to talk but its so hard still. i dont think in spanish. soooo. but anwyas sounds like you guys are having fun and stuff and things are going good. tell the kids and tyler i said hey. and tell jake too and sarah and whoever else you but anways ill talk with you later. thanks for keeping me updated and remember to look for those pics. love you guys

hey mom
well we didnt have the baptism this week. he has to get a interview from the
president so hopefully this week but all is well. the language still stinks. i cant
pronounce the words like i wnat and say what i want but im going to stop worrying
because it is killing me. and my president is awesome. from texas and seems really
nice and laid back. which im glad for. nothing has really happen this week. not
really any new people. alot of people are bad here. im just more burnt and ive
dropped a few pounds but thats all. i spoke to a lady in english a little bit which
made me feel at home. lol. but anyways no ben hasnt written me i dont know what his deal is. ive been waiting and waiting
and waiting but nothing. but oh well noting i can do. but anyways i need a new preach
my gospel. this week it rained and the street turned into a creek and the highway
turned into a river and our house turned into a pond and my preach my gospels got
ruined. there is a website you can go. which a lady makes minaturized ones and they
are laminated but i dont have the address now we can wait til next week. but anyways
im going to go tell charles ill test drive his truck when i get back but anyways take
care mom. love you
elder gentry