Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 28th Letter!

hey sis.

changes are tonight so i am excited. my zome leader told me that i was getting changed so i am happy. nothing much has gone on this week. found a few more people that seemed like they want to know more. my spanish is improving which is a positive but it is still difficult. but for my birthday. something like snickers, sour worms, and peach rings but thats about all. so peyton is a stud in soccer takes after me. tell him i am learning to play soccer too and it is really fun. but anyways im glad to hear that your eye surgery went well. let me know how things are this week. and i completed 6 mesas the other day which is weird that i already have been out tht long. and why does tyler keep on leaving. whos on a mission me or him.lol he stays gone as much as i do. but anyways sis keep me updated and pray i get a cool comp. and we went to the caverns today so i have alot of pics. me and my tongan friend. but anways i love yall alot. elder gentry

hey mom.

changes are tonight and my zone leader told me i was getting changed. i
about started to cry when i he told me. i am so happy write now. a new whole start.
but anyways that is so weird with uncle wayne. how is he going to get a new house. he
has money or what. and melissa told me about her eye surgery so i am about to write
her. today we went to s0me caverns today which was cool i hung out with my tongan
friend the whole time. but for my birthday i dont know what i want. i never know.
surprise me with something. but i want a book that teaches grammer and one that has excerise to practice pronouning the words
and stuff. i really need that. but things are going good. i hope my companion is
cool. but anyways nothing has happened here. but anways weell thats about all.
changes are tommorrow and i ll know tonight what is going to happen but anyways mom i
love you. be good. and i know how mr patrick feels trust me. but anwyas until next

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This a letter from Carmen (Jordan's other mother)

Hi Melissa!!!

While I don´t have the pleasure to meet you and your family, but I am sure you are wonderful family because I can see in the Elder Gentry.

I think the Elder Gentry really miss you, but I know that his experience as a missionary going to be very good, though being honest I can see the Elder Gentry a little discouraged by the new partner, in particular what can I say that is not common this type of partner I also think Elder Marcial is a little weird. I have the pleasure of meeting several missionaries and all are very good, but I think the elder Marcial is the exception.

I appreciate so much the Elder Gentry, he says I'm his mom and I try to spoil, Thus not feel alone in this city or in this country; I try to support him with his Spanish to advance and I know that he is very smart, I think that his Spanish is fluent and he learned fast.

Sometimes I think he is desperate for his companion, for certain things happen… and I think the Elder Gentry sometimes thinks that he does not know what to do, but I talked to him because he knows what to do in his mission … he only needs to feel safe, trust him and put aside the language barrier; I mention this because you, your mother and your brothers can write him encouraging him to act according to his inner self, because I'm sure he's a great missionary and he stop by language, I try to encourage him, but it's better if you write him and encourage him ..that he can be a leader of the missionaries (just have to work hard and trust him).

please in all month of September, do not stop writing to Elder Genty , because I will not be in Monterrey to keep encouraging him, because I will travel to Fiji and Australia, so I don´t know if I can write...

Ahhh I almost forgot, please tell your mom, she can be proud of Elder Gentry for all the values that he has, really he is a great missionary and I am sure … he is and will be a great family man.

Elder Gentry told me few days ago: “You can not get married until I finish the mission ... because I am your son so I be present at your wedding mom”. so now I will have to say to my future husband that we have to wait until my child (Elder Gentry) completes his mission, I hope that Gentry come to my wedding and if possible you also. J

Well now I leave you, because I get excited just writing ... I send you a video of Elder Gentry when one day I was to his house to see if he wanted something to eat, but that day he told me a family had dinner and chile habanero, and when he said this type of chile (habanero), I panic, because it is really spicy ... so I wanted to get to see what reaction he had to eat this chile and record it on my computer.

I hope to someday meet you all ...

PD: Below write in Spanish so that if something does not understand, because my English is bad, so… one of your brothers can read it in Spanish and translate, Gentry said that one of his brothers speaks Spanish.

Hola Melissa!!!

Aunque no tengo el gusto de conocerte a ti y a tu familia, estoy segura que son una familia ejemplar y puedo verlo en el Elder Gentry.

Creo que él les extraña mucho, pero sé que su experiencia como misionero va a ser muy buena, aunque siendo honesta puedo notar al Elder Gentry un poco desanimado por el compañero que le toco, en lo particular puedo decir que no es común este tipo de compañeros él es un poco raro; yo tengo el gusto de conocer a varios misioneros y son muy buenos, pero bueno creo que le toco la excepción…

Yo aprecio mucho al Elder Gentry, dice que soy su mama y trato de consentirlo para que no sienta que está solo en esta ciudad y en este país, trato de apoyarlo con su español para que mejore y de verdad yo se que él es muy inteligente, yo creo que el habla muy bien el español y que lo aprendió rápido.

A veces creo que él se desespera por su compañero, por ciertas cosas que pasan y creo que el Elder Gentry a veces piensa que el no sabe qué hacer, sin embargo yo he hablado con él y le digo que si sabe qué hacer en su misión solo necesita sentirse seguro, confiar en él y dejar de lado la barrera del idioma, te comento esto, porque me gustaría que tu, tu mama y tus hermanos le escribieran animándolo a que actúe según su instinto, porque estoy segura que él es un gran misionero y el solo se detiene por el idioma, yo trato de animarle, pero es mejor si ustedes le escriben y lo alientan a que él puede ser un líder de los misioneros (Solo hay que trabajar duro y confiar en él).

Te pido de favor que en este mes de septiembre no le dejen de escribir ya que yo no estaré en Monterrey para seguir alentándolo porque me voy de viaje a Fiji y Australia, así que nose si podre escribirle …

Ahhh casi lo olvido, por favor dile a tu mami que puede estar orgullosa del Elder Gentry por todos los valores que él tiene, es un gran misionero y estoy segura que es y será un gran hombre de familia.

El Elder Gentry me dijo hace tiempo, usted no puede casarse hasta que yo termine la misión… como yo soy su hijo debo estar presente en su boda, así que a mi futuro esposo tendré que decirle que tenemos que esperar a que mi hijo termine su misión, espero que venga a mi boda y si es posible ustedes también.

Bueno ya te dejo, porque yo me emociono escribiendo… ya solo te digo que te envío un video que tome del Elder Gentry un día que pase a su casa para ver si quería cenar algo, pero ese día el me dijo que ya una familia les había dado la cena y también chile habanero, y cuando me dijo de este tipo de chile, yo me asuste, porque es realmente picoso… así que me quise quedar a ver cuál era su reacción al comer este chile y lo grabe con mi computadora.

Espero poder algún día conocerlos a Todos…



Pictures of Jordan!

A baptism that the other elders had and we were helping

A dog in the streets

A Mexican stance they told me to do

Another picture of the baptism

Baptism de Jesus parraga maragillen

Baptism de Yesania with my first companion...Elder Flores

Downtown Monterrey...I don't know where we are at
Downtown Monterrey

Pictures of our house when it flooded

Elder Flores, Gillermo, Julio, Lupita, and me
Elder Juminez, Me, Elder Wolksnik, Elder Anderson, Elder Flores, and Elder Simmons

Elder Marcail, Carmen...mom, and Me
Elder Marcail and Me
Elder Marcial...my companion and me
Elder P., Carmen, Me, and Elder Wolksnik

Elder P., Carmen, Me, and Elder Wolksnik (he was so sick he was making faces)
Elder Palomeque playing baseball
Elder Wolksnik and me
Elder Wolksnik and Me. He is in the area beside me
Having a little fun (Melissa says...I love the boots!)
Helping with a baptism with other missionaries
Julio, Carmen, Lupita, Gillermo, Elder Flores, and Me

Me and Elder P. He is the companion of Elder Wolksnik
Me and Elder Wolksnik. He is from Utah
Me and Gillermo Garcia

Me and my companion

Me and my companion

Me and Stephen Clark. An old friend from school
I saw him in a conference we had
Me, Lupita, Jesus parraga Maragallin, and Elder Marcial

My companion, Elder P. and Me

My companion and Me

On the way to a conference

On the way to a conference
Some of Monterrey around Morelos

The day before his baptism
The person that we baptized makes these pinatas.