Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22nd Letter

Well carmen called me the othere day and said that u could send the package to her house and she would get it to me. thats for the things you got. everything is good. i have a story that u can put in the stories of elder gentry. the weirdest most awardest thing happened this week but ill write it in my other letter. so how are things going. yeah i wrote chelsea but she didnt write me back. but anways i like my area. we are going to change house bc we have a rat problem. i pulled out my luggage to get something and there was 3 rats in my bag. gross huh. well i have to go. i love you. We have been teaching this 21 year old girl for 2 weeks now. well she was getting her interview for her baptism and she kept on telling the district leader how much she loves me. but shes the type that jokes around alot but the next day we were talking to her and she told me she was in love with me and she was going to break up with her bf for me and was going to get baptized so when i get back from the mission we can get married and she was dead serious. she told me she wanted me and she wanted to get married in the temple. now what does one do in a situation like it was really weird.

well sounds like things are the same. can u belive ill have a year in about a month. geez time goes by fast. so how are you doing. i hope all is well and that you are enjoying life. everything here is good. i did look at the blog. i still dont belive that those are my nephews and niece their are so big. landen is huge but anways tyler is turning 30. geez. tell him its ok. i just turn 20. so im old too. lol. but anways i have news that u can put in my book of memories. i dont know what it is with girls here but anways. what happend. but anways i hope all is well. did u give sarah and them my email bc i dont have a place to send cards. i have no clue. but anways i hope all is well. i love you be good. melissa guess what. for the first time in 11 months i heard taylor swift. im here writing the man has on the radio and taylor swift came on. i miss here songs so i thought i would just tell u that. but anways i love you. bye

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 8th letter


why didnt you writem me what happened. you need to do a little bit better. but i got changed. im in fundadores saltillo and i have a new comp. its kind of hard adjusting areas and knowing new people. i loved my other area. the members were great and we baptized two familias. i cant wait to go to the temple with them. but my comp is mexican. from mexico city. elder cosme se llama. we had a baptism but it fell through. it was kind of ruff. but anways thats about it. i hope all is well. pray for me. i love you so much sis.


what is mark talking about. i wrote him last week.
in fact i write everytime he writes me. and mr. lamar passed away.
thats sad. i cant belive it. everyone is passing away. that makes like
4 people now. how is uncle david. well i got changed this monday. im in
saltillo and i have a comp from mexico city. i like the area but it was really
hard leavin my od area. felt like i left home again. it really stinks but
whatever. i try to pick up after myself but somethings never change. lol.
but anwasy how are u. well send my pack to mex. bc carmen doesnt have a car.
and i have something i want. can u buy 2 yoyos. they are called x brain yoyos. i remember dad bought me one at toys r
us. i want one to play with bc i get bored but anways
mom i have to go. i love you..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 1st Letter

hey mel.

im still in my second area. changes are today so we will see what happens. everything is going well. we have baptized two families in this area so im happy but yesterday a baptism fell there so that was ruff. we wasted like a whole day waiting on him to get interviewed and then on sunday he didnt show up for church and we dont know where he went. its stressful but its worth it. im learning alot. so how is everyone. i hope all is good and i cant wait to see the house. but everything is good right now. i havent had anything happen this week but anways i hope all is well. tell the kids i said hey. i love ya. be good. im still in my 2 area in fraustro, san nicolas, monterrey. sorry i stink at writing but carmen should be sending pics. my comp is elder guthrie from arkansas and he leaves this change. and can u give adam the address to your blog. he was asking about it. but im going to miss this area when i leave. the members are so cool. the spoil me which i love but anways i have to go. i love ya be safe. all is well.

hey mom.

last week we didnt have time to write our families but all is good. man i wish i was there to see that activity. sounds really fun. but all things are good here. we had a baptism fall throw yesterday. it was kind of ruff. but anways i have a favor. i want the book of infinite atonement and if u could i have a person that we baptiszed thats wants barbeque sunflower seeds. so if u could send a bunch and some more honey. when u have time. there is another book i want its called the day of the defense. but anways nothing has happend here everthing. i had a girl kiss me on the cheek. but thats about it. it was weird. but anways i hope all is good. i love you. ill talk to u next week.