Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26th Letter!

tyler is always gone. he needs to stay home once and awhile. but anyways i cant believe halloween is already here. thanksgiving is next and then christmas. time flies. wade will be home and kale and then me. i cant believe i have 7 months already and spanish is still kicking my butt. but anwyas other than that things are going really good. we are teaching 2 different families right now and they have gone to church and they know its true but they have fear of changing. its really frustruating bc i dont know what to do. oh yeah i really had a good expericence like 2 months ago that i forgot to tell you about. there is a member whos husband was falsly accused with drugs so he has been in prision for the last 6 years and we were eating at her house when he came home for the first time in 6 years and the children and her were crying for joy and it made me think thats how we are going to be when we see our loved ones again. made me so thankful for the gospel and what we have. but anyways glad to hear ur team is doing weell sis. let me know how your week goes. i love ya and dont forget to write me.


Monday, October 19, 2009

what are you talking about. i didnt hear from you last week but i still wrote you. this email system is bogus. mom sometimes dont get my mail but anyways yeah you can send it to carmens aunt or whatever. im still close. just like 20 minutes away. she still brings us food evernow and then. but how are things going. i cant belive landen already has had his second birthday. i was there when he turned one and it seems like yesterday. wow how time flies. everything here is going good. its just still hott. but we had 5 people go to church yesterday. i hope they all get baptized.but other than this week not much has happened. drunk guys always talk to me. people that think they know english try to talk to me and people ask me for money. lol. this happens everyweek. and there was a member that started nourishing her baby infront of us and it reminded me of you when you would pull out the boob pumping machine infront of jonathan and he would freak out. lol. it made me laugh but anyways i hope all is well. let me know what is goig on. the kids are getting so big. i wont regconize them when i get home and they wont know who i am. but anywyas i have to go.

love ya

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pictures- October 7th

October 7th Letter!

hey mom

everything here is good. my companion is cool and he is teaching me alot. i like my
area. it is more calm than my other. reminds me of home just a little bit. but
anyways. we have a baptism this week. thought we were going to have another but she
decided not too. which really stunk. and who is kaylnn walhquist getting married too.
need to tell me more than that. and conf was awesome. i love it. but its hard to stay
awake bc im always so tired. we never relax. and mamaw getting married is crazy.
and this week i am going to take money out of the card. im going to buy a bike for
like 40 dollars. but anwyas nothing much has happened. just always tired but anyways
i hoipe all is well. how is florida gators doing. how is school going. i hope all is
well. i hope you saw the talk by jeffrey r holland. it was wonder. but anyways mom.
im giong to go. i love ya. take care