Monday, April 26, 2010

April 19th Letter

THIS ONE WAS TO LESLIE, HIS LOSER COUSIN THAT HAS ONLY WRITTEN ONCE!!! (I don't think she looks at this blog) :)

que pez. how are you. i hope that things are going good. sounds like all is awesome. its ok that you have written. i forgive you and things are going good here. yes the speed bumps are brutal. but they work. the mexicans slow down. at times. but ive been thinking about you and the family. and how the babies are. i have that song you always sung. the ban qui qui. you know that burger king song. it just stays stuck in my head and the mexicans have no idea what im saying. but all is good. we are having alot of success in this area. the mission is great. the church is true. and yeah i cant wait to bring down the house in your new house. me and wade will party it up. but anways i have to go. i love you guys. be good.

hey mom.

so jonny with a baby. that is crazy and who else was expecting on my b day. you told me last week but anyways tell aunt doris i said hey and that ill see her when i get home.. only 11 months left. tell her to hang on. and whats going on with uncle david. your not realllly telling me much. let me know mom. all is good here. nothing more is going on but anways we have 2 baptismes atleast this week. so wish us luck. but anways i have to go. i love you mom.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jordan's Church Farewell

Leslie sent me these pics of before Jordan left.

Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12th Letter


yeah i forget to tell you happy birthday last week. i was thinking about it on the 9th. well nothing has really happened here. two of our baptismes fell through but we still had one this sunday. we was going to have three. i hate parents and husbands always are blocking. but anyways you are 48. stilll young. i turned 20 if that makes u feel better. lol. but anways this week i hope to have a few baptismes. things have been hard this past few weeks. people are dumb. but anways how are u guys doing. has mamaw moved back yet and oh yeah mi and elder van vliet my new best friend, we are planing on buying toyotas when we get back. i really want the 2004 model i think it is. i always see them here and it makes me sick. i want one so bad. so you have 11 months to search for one at a good price. but anways i hope all is good back home. but anways i have to go. i love ya be good.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 5th Letter

hey mom.

hey i got your package. thanks. i love it. everything is perfect. but hey everything here is good. my new comp name is elder mcneil. he is from utah of cours. kaysville. and yeah i got to watch most of conference. it waas good. i was kinjd of disappointed bc elder holland didnt talk. and i dont know why. and yeah i must have misread the thing about mamaw. tell her to move back. tell her i said it too. and sounds like everything with the house is going good. its going to be a different house by the time i get back. well this week we didnt have baptismes but confirmations. we have three for next week though. the husband of the big family has finally decided to get baptism. so thats 12 of the family. missing the aunts and uncles now. and we moved houses again. we moved into an extra hjouse of our converts. its hjas a balcony and a chinmey. the first chimney i have seen since i left. i just have to see carpet now. but anwaays all is going good. i hiope all is well. and i cant belive kevin and amanda are having a kid. when she has the kid ill only have 4 months left. man time goes by so fast. but anways mom i have to go now. we are going to go play. i hope all is well. and oh yeah mom i think it would be special if you write a letter to this family and get mark to translate it. bc they have done so much for me. but anways i have to goo. love you mom.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010