Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24th Letter

Oh how sweet tyler got us a horse. tell him i said thanks. so whats up sis. why are you guys going to new york, and the big 27 thats awesome. you geting up there but still young. im 20. im so so how are they kids and stuff. i heard about uncle david. i cant believe it. alot of things are happening back home. and do you know who the campano is of jack. but how is everything
but this week we had 6 baptismes and we hope for 5 more this week. i really am not looking forward to changes. i love this area. it feels like my home. i love the members and stuff. but this week we heard for bednar. we had a conference. i learned alot of things. he is so cool. and the night before we about got robbed. it was so cool. i guy came after us with a knife. i was ready to drop kick him but he realized we were missionarys and left us alone. we was so wasted and stuff. this week we baptized a family, guadalope, jorge, henry y juanita and we baptized someone named saul and carmen. tonight we are going to watch charly as a family home evening. its a good movie to show to families. talks about the temple and stuff.i love you be good.

May 17


That stinks about ms kennedy. so was hilarious. i always enjoyed her clases even though i dont remember mucho from her clase or from school in general. i have so a bad memoria. well mom this week we didnt have baptismes. cancelled on us. but we have them today. members i hate. the gossip so much aaabout things. i get tired of them so bad. but how are things going. sounds like your sick. take medicine and who is jakes companion in the mtc bc the son of my misson president went on the same day as him. but anways how are you and how is school. when does it end. and what about the beach. ill be there next year to real in a big shark .but anways mom not much has happend just members are gay and im frusturated. but anways i have to go. i love you and ive been in my area for 4 months and 3 weeks left till changes. i love you

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Here are some pictures Jordan sent! He is looking good!