Monday, October 18, 2010

This is a letter from a convert to Jordan

Hola elder Gentry:

Como ha estado soy brandon solo quería saludarlo y pues mas que nada porque ya ni se nada de usted y quería platicar muchas cosas que me han pasado y quiero que me de un consejo primero que nada pues voy a discursar este 17 de octubre de 2010 jaja de la obra misional como ve y ya estoy trabajando en este discurso como ve y pues pues perla, Maria y Raúl ya ni van a la capilla y ya les dije que fuéramos pero dicen que si y ni van jaja lo extraño bastante y extraño de sus consejos y solo quería decirle que como ha estado, como le ha ido por allá ? de verdad lo extraño bastante, también pues agradecerle ya que cuando estuvo aquí no le di las gracias por haberme enseñado estas cosas y espero irme a la misión y que me toque en florida jaja si no como quiera voy a ir a florida un día y espero verlo allá OK jaja y pues decirle también que mi familia le extrañan también le agradece por habernos enseñado el verdadero evangelio de Jesucristo
No sabe cuanto le extrañan y pues espero y este bien y recuerde que debe hacer lo sig: en su misión:
(DyC 4:2) por tanto oh vosotros que os embarcáis en el servicio de dios, mirad que le sirváis con todo vuestro corazón, alma, mente, y fuerza para que aparezcáis sin culpa ante dios en el ultimo día “
OK eso es lo que debe de hacer y eso fue lo que me enseño ah y una cosa si le digo un día voy a llegar a ser animador ok hasta luego lo queremos y lo extrañamos
Atte: brandon y su familia

Hello elder gentry

how have you been, its me brandon. i just wanted to say hey and more than anything bc i wanted to talk with ya about many things that happened and i want you to give me consuel and im going to give a talk on the 17th about missionary work. im already working on it but perla maria and raul are not going to church. ive told me to go and the say ok but the dont ever go.i miss you and the consuels that u gave me. but how have you been over there in your new area.when u was here i never got to tell you thanks for having taught me the gospel and i hope to go on a mission and that i go to hopefully we see eachother there one day. well the family misses you too. we are so grateful that you taught us the true gospel. i hope that you are doing good and that you must do the following in you mission. d and c 4:2..................ok well that is what you should do. this is what you taught me. one day im going to be an animator. see you later.

October 18th Pictures

October 18th Letter

hey sis. it saids like everything is going good. here the people are still tough and the work is hard but thats life. its great bc im learning alot. sounds like the kids are great and that u love them. i would say thats really good. im still here in muzquiz with my same comp. its been a few weeks since we have baptized but we are working. this sunday a white man went to church. i talked with him a few days ago and does know spanish. he has a farm here and i invite him and he went but i got sick so i didnt go. i felt horrible. i get sick alot but i feel good now. but we went to his house afterwards and he doesnt want anything. i was hoping we would. i saw my first black guy this week but he only talked spanish so it wasnt the same and i dont know if i told u if i met someone that lived in burley. well sis that about it. just work and sweat. and i have my loser zome leader hear messing with me and complaining so i have to go. he is reading this letter right now so thats why im putting this. lol. well sis i love you. i have to go. tell the kids i said hey and let me know what your ideas are about after the miss. i dont know what i want to do.
elder gentry

October 11th

so even if i came home a week early u still couldnt go ( I had told him in a previous letter that we wouldn't be able to come home when he gets off his mission). but mark and savanna come home on the 30. or even if i changed a week early u still couldnt do it? let me know. this week i talked to a crzy white guy from texas that was searching for gold and was just crazy. he didnt know any spanish. but had a cool country accent. and i talked to a mexican that had one worst than but this week was good but we didnt see any success. its cooling down here so it makes me happy... so how are you doing? only 7 weeks left till the baby. i was looking at ur blog and geez they are so big. i think peyton is taller than me. well i hope that things are going good. how is tyler. tell the kids i said hey and they should write their favorite uncle. well i have to go sis. im going to send you guys a copy of a letter that one of my converts sent me. love you guys and we have changes tonight.
elder gentry

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 5th Letter

hey mom. i dont really want to talk about the week but i did get the pics from jon about 3 weeks ago. the conference was awesome. watch the sunday seccion. well mom im fine this is the last week of the changes. i have to go. i hope everything is going good. we broke a record for bap so we got to watch movies. one is a rugby movie called forever strong and another called the last gift. well mom i have to go. love you guys
elder gentry