Friday, January 22, 2010

January 18th Letter

ok. well melissa im going to write a handwritten letter with alot of detailes but ill tell u some now this week we had 2 baptismes we completed 2 families so that means in a year i can go to the temple with them when they get sealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we baptized their families last week and well one husband had problems(ill go into detail when i write a letter) and the wife of the other family was scared her family was going to reget here but long story short they got baptized this weekend. but jack is going to peru. sounds really cool. sound like peyton and the kids are doing good. im going to look at the blog and how is tyler doing. and sarah i still have here card i just dont know where to send them. i have to get carmen to do it. once i see carmen again. but anways i hiope all is well tell everyone i said hey. everything is going well. i love you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 13th Letter

hey mom

well today i dont have alot of time but we had 3 baptismes this weekend and we have one possible this weekend. we are helping the husband of one of our converts quit smoking. so hopefully he will be baptized. and sorry about all the contention. remember its of the devil. and thanks for the packagge. it was great. i love it all. tell everyone thanks for the letters. tell aunt doris i will send her a letter and i have the letters for the three stooges ready but i dont know where a post office is around here.i learned this week that every member needs to be a missionary so u should start inviting people to church. start with heather kevin and sharmon. tell i demanded it. lol. but all is good. its been raining here but all is good. we went to the temple today and i saw elder ellis. my comp. from the mtc. he is doing really good. oh yeah there is a book i want u to order. its call the infinite atonement. if u can look online and see if they have it i would really apreciate it. but anways i have to go. i love you