Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26th Letter

yeah mom i am in another area. its called muzcis. it kind of reminds me of home. it has alot of trees and a river. it not the city anymore. i like the area but i miss the members of the other ward. i felt so homesick when i left. it was so hard. but i getting use to it. i havent really been in my area bc im the district leader and ive been in the areas of my district. so things are doing good. my zone leaders are the first two white kids i knew in the mission, so it helps me bc i was already good friends with them. so it gave me someone i know. my comp is from mexico. name is elder guerra. he is cool. tommorrow me and the zone leaders are going to another place about 3 hours away for a conferencia and we will be there for three days so i wont be in my area this week either. but how are u guys. im still waiting on pics and stuff. but i hope all is well. i completed 16 months yesterday. time goes by fast. i love you mom. i have to go.

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19th Letter

hey mom.

so we have changes tonight im pretty sure they are going to change me. i have 6 months here and alot with the same comp. we had a bap this week. a dad of a family we have already baptized. im wondering where theyll change me. i really want to leave and at the same time i dont. its hard, to get to know new people and new area. yesterday i gave a talk. the bishop told me 5 minutes before. lol. but it went well i just talked off the top of my head, didnt have anything prepared. i talked about missionary work and i got on to the members, and ill get on to u guys when i get home bc in our ward back home we dont do anything so ill give you guys the word too. lol. i had a fight with the district leader. he is a jerk. everyone hates him. he came to the house trying to cuss me out and i gave him a piece of my mind. i think im getting like chelsea. lol. but anways i have to go. im looking forward to pics and when are u going to send me a video of everyone and the house and everything. nobody sends me nothing. but i have to go. i love you

(This one is to Leslie...I forgot to email this week...ooops!)

hey les. everything here is going good. i honestly cant thnk of anything exciting thats happened except the baptisms we have had. nobody has robbed me yet.( they know and we have changes today. ive been in this area for 6 months and im pretty sure ill be leaving tommorrow. im kind of scared. its always hard to go to another area its always like leaving home again. but i only have 8 months left so i think i wont have to change to many more times, but how are things going there. how are the kids. do they know who i am. how is aunt gyll and everyone. are u guys going fishing and stuff, its the time and season. thats one thing i really miss is fishing. but all is good here.the mission is great. we meet alot of new people and get to know alot of people. i cant wait to come back when my converts go to the temple. but anyways i hope everything is going good here. i have to good. love u guys

elder gentry

July 12th Letter

hey sis. so its good to here florida was fun. ive been checking your blog for the pics but u havent put them on but ill go on right now and see. and i saw the pics of peyton swimming. when did he start to thats crazy. so how is the family, and is everything going over there. im still in the same area, fundadores, with my kid, elder mcneil. yesterday we didnt have baps but tommorrow si. we are going to baptize alfredo which is the father of a family we baptized. his son is going to baptize them. which so be really exciting. carmen came over here, so see us and her aunt that lives here. its been fun having her here, she helps us teach and stuff. and besides that nothing is going on. the families are great and we ahve changes in one week but anyways i have to go sis. i love you guys.

elder gentry

July 5th Letter

this week we had no baptismes. had some people in the church tho. so there is teaching to do. this week i have been so sick. its been raining for a week straight. a hurricane hit here. en monterrey its very bad. water destroying houses and highways and there is water over there. its bad. im in saltillo and nothing has really happened here. just rain. im getting ready for a change. im just really comfortable here. its really like my house.and the big family that we bap. has been getting me mad. im not afraid to say something. and they wont leave us alone. like i love them but they get mad when we are with another family and stuff. the mom treats us like babies and i hate it. like right now im writing u and she wants me to get off so i can go eat and we just ate and it gets me mad. thats why im so fat. satan is working so hard. but anways the mission is great in all forms. alot of blessing and alot of memories, even though i dont remember alot of things. my brain doesnt work very but hopefully well have alot of baptisms this week.maybe we can get alot of work done with this rain but anyways i have to go. love u
elder gentry

Sunday, July 11, 2010

June 28th Pictures

June 21st Letter and Pictures

well its good to hear that landan is just like me. wade was telling he acts just lke me and looks like me too. so how are things in florida. didt u guys just get back from there. and send me pics of the kids and stuff from the internet and stuff and how the house looks and stuff. so how are u. i forgot u were preg. sorry so many babies and stuff. but thats cool tho. when is the due date. well this week we had 2 baps and this week atleast one bap. hopefully 2 last night we had to go give a blessing to a non member that got hurt at the activity we had at the church. we was running backwards, fell and hit his head. its family of the big family that we baptized. i showed the pic of the bear mark killed and one of the members wants to come and well how is everyone going. i complete 15 months in 4 days. so how is the family in florida and idaho. well i have to go. im still in the same area and stuff. but anyways i have to go. love you
your favorite brother.
jordan eldr gentry

June 6th Letter

hey sis. nothing much is going on here. changes are tonight and im ready to leave. i want a new start. so a bear almost killed you guys. u need to be careful. i want to see a bear or animales. i havent seen animals in so long. i dont feel good i dont have mcuh to say. but we had 5 confirmaciones this sunday. but anways i have to go. i love you. tell the kids i said hey