Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 7th Letter

hey mom.

tell mr kevin i wrote him a letter but i havent sent it off yet. its hard to
find time especially since i dont have a place to mail it in my area. but i wrote him
one about 2 months ago and its still sitting on the desk. lol. but everthing is going
well. i feel better. i had like alot of headaches and a runny nose but thats about
it. but i found a big blaket that i love that has a buck on it and im going to buy
it. its about 40 dollars. and we had a baptism this week and we have 4 more upcoming
in the next two weeks. but anywasys i hope all is well. how is school, and how is
everything. tell everyone i said hey. we went hiking today and i was with a bunch of
mexicans and one of the tourist there didnt know spanish. she had the coolest england accent ever. i want to go there to get an
accent like them.lol. but anyways i ihope all is well. i love you guys and i forgot i
get to talk to u guys. that something to look forward too. love u.

November 16th Letter

i dont know what pics she sent you. put i had three different cakes. and they put my face in all 3 of them. there is a pic of me and javier. he looks like a thug and we were in the house. i had my party at the stake center. with my pinata the mexica name is elder dias flores. and the armerican that took the pic is elder moon. but he kind of looks mexican.lol. but we had a baptism this week and next week we will have one. its going to be a big one. we are going to the stake center and all the missionaries in this zone are going to bring their investigaters. so its going to be a big bap. and nothing much has happened. for christmas i dont know what i want yet. i got all the packages. i love the pics. the jerky was great. thats for all of it. we have a baptism this week and we are finally baptizing a girl that we have been teacing for 5 weeks. its taken a while but it worth it.but i got a new comp. elder guthrie from arkansa and he has like 20 months. but anways i hope all is well. peyton is already losing teeth. didnt he just get them. geez im getting old. but anways i have to goo. i love you and ill talk to you in a month.

November 9th Letter

hey sis.

thanks for the happy birthday. ive already had 3 cakes today. im getting so fat but i cant help it bc the people just feed me and feed me.3 cakes today and 2 cakes yesterday. i havent gotten your packages yet ill see carmen today when we go to the stake center. but anwyas didnt have any baptismes this week but found some people that i hope will progress. we had a run in with a drunk guy but nothing happened. he was mad that we came to visit when they were eating. lol. but anwyas i hope ryan is ok. thats crazy. gives me chills just thinking about it. but the lord blesses us more than we realize. but i hope all is well ill pray for you with ur talk sunday. love yall.