Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th Letter

well this week was pretty horrible. we did horrible as a zone but we are learning...we had stake conferencia and one person went called juan. his family is member. and he isnt but he has a word of wisdom problem. im stilll comp with elder flynn he´s tight. keeps me on track. we have a new elder in the zone from utah. elder knoles he is with elder combe. we recieve one other one about 4 weeks ago called elder nelson from arizona. he is a forest fire fighter. he is tight. but we didnt do too good this week. but im really excited for this week. everyone is telling me im even an investigator told me. he said¨its seems like u have a lot of time on the mission and have one foot in florida already bc u look way tired and beat up.¨ i thought it was hilarous. i dont know what im going to do. im going to write my friend today too with the work. he is in idaho i think right now. he told carmen he wanted me to work with him so she wanted to ask u and mom to see if i could so u could respond. he wanted me to go work with him on the 12 of april and i didnt know if i could do that so carmen was calling to ask. but i dont think it will be possilbe. its too soon. but anyways sister. im doing good. working hard. trying to end good. love you guys be good.

elder gentry

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