Monday, February 28, 2011

Mission Summary

in my mission i have been in 5 areas. i started my mision in the ward morelos 1 in the morelos stake. there i had two companions. elder flores y elder marcial. elder flores is the person that trained me and continued helping me in my mision. he was my zone lider months later and then the assitent. i was with him for 2 weeks and we baptized like 8 people. then i got stuck with marcial. i was with him for 2 changes and learned alot of pacience and im sure he did too. we baptized like 3 together in 2 changes. i was afterwards changed to fraustro in the san nicolas stake. it was like 30 minutes away from my first area.. there i was companions with elder sanchez for a change. we baptized one person together. with him i learned to have fun and work at the same time. he was a good friend of him. he helped me with stress and made me happier. after him i had elder guthrie. my first american comp in mexico.he is from arkansa. i was with him for 2 changes and we baptized like 12 together. i learned to be humble and be myself. he taught me alot. i was then chagned to saltillo. i went to the ward fundadores in republica. i became senor compaion and my companion was elder cosme. he is from mexico city . i was with him for one change and a week. we baptized 11 together. he taught me resonsiblity and to grow up a little bc he was like a little kid. he left and arrived my kid from kaysville utah. his name is elder mcneil. i was with hm for 3 changes and we baptized like 29 people together. he taught me to enjoy live and the mission. after 4 changes in fundadores i was sent to muzquiz cuahuila. it was my first branch. i arrived with elder guerra for one change. that was a time. he was dead. we baptized one person. taught me alot of pacience. my zone leaders were elder anderson and hawken and i was the district leader. after guerra arrived elder torres. a funny but not very smart person. alot of funny stories about him. we was with me for 2 changes. we baptized 7 people togethere. then i came here to estanzuela roma. its by the temple. i have 2 changes already and i am on my last one. i was elder smyth from utah. i love that kid. so funny but obedient. i think him and jonathan are twinns.we baptized 2 people. now im with elder flynn, my last companion. we have baptized 6 people together. he is teaching me obedience and to grow more spiritually. so i have had 5 areas with 10 comps.

elder gentry

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