Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th Letter

hey get mom to send u the message my friend sent me. i dont know what to do. if i go and work with my friend ill leave on april 12 and wont be back for 4 month. so i dont know what to go bc i want to be wth the family but i need a good job. in the 4 months ill make atleat 12k so its pretty good but i wont be with family. so what do u think. i forwarded the email to mom of my friend explaining me everything.
this week went good. we had 18 in church in the whole zone. thats really good. 18 people. we are excited. hopefully we can have few baptisms this week. alot of the people have problems with smoking or not married but hopefully we can help them. next week we are marrying people so im excited. this week there was a missionary that ran away from his comp, just bc he is new and got frustrated so he ran down the street. so we had to go and find him and talk with him. well we ended up doing divisiones. he came with me and my comp stayed there. weell my comp ended up finding 3 references for our area. so we went and contacted them and there are really good. i was thinking how the lord works. if the missionary never ran away we would have never got those references. lol. it was kind of cool. well sis i have to go ill send u the letter. love ya
elder gentry

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