Monday, March 7, 2011

Jordan's Testimony

the mission has been the greatest time of my life and definitely the hardest too. the mission is hard but its how we progress. everyday is a new adventure and dont know whats going to happen. the mission has taught me to be positive in the bad moments. that everything is for our benefit. i know have a better attitude towards things and how we progress through the difficult times. has taught me to have a the attitude of ¨come what may and love it¨ even the worst and saddest times of my mission i was growing as a person and that's the beauty of it. the lord really does bless us when we do his will even if its hard.starting the mission was really rough but its when i learn the most. i learned to put my trust in the lord and not to doubt.just cly a person can make a glob of clay into a por or something useful, god can do the same with us if we trust him. make us into what we need to become. the greatest part of the mission is seeing the change in the lives of the people. seeing god and the gospel change the lives of many. i've always had a little testimony of the church but it was put to the test here in the mission and instead of saying i believe... i can now say.... i know..l know without a doubt that this church is true. that a little boy saw god the father and his son. its something i know bc i came on the mission. jesus lives, i've been able to feel his love so much in the mission. he shapes us and makes us into what he wants us to become. the mission is the greatest thing a person can do before he gets married, it has taught me so much and has prepared me alot for what i need in my life. the church is true. its the greatest organization in all the world. the book of mormon is evidence of it all. i know these things bc i did the small and simple things and still continue to do small and simple things are great things brought to pass....alma 37. 6... i hope and pray that i continue doing what the mission has taught me and continue overcoming my weaknesses and endure to the end. i love the mission and it will be something ill never forget or want to replace.

elder gentry

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